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Off topic: Its been long time it put something here. this blog needs to be modernized but it should still suffice to centralize communication for DV1Brain.


Get the program and PDF manual here!

Since in Germany the music stores dropped the price of the Behringer DJ-Contoller CMD DV-1 (among others) I decided to get some of these because I liked how they are build. After unboxing I noticed that they are difficult to use with common DAW-Software as the send and receice – lets say it technically ;)- on weird ways. I decided to write a bridge software which is..

  • ..a hub for up to 10 Dv1-Devices.
  • ..a translation for each device on a seperate midi channel
  • enabler to use the device(s) with soft wares like Ableton Live
  • ..a customization for the “encoder speed” ( step size per increment) to use it in performance without turning 10 times the knob
  • tested to use with Ableton Live, but other DAWs should work as well
  • open source and the source can be found here:  DV1Brain source code repositorium

I hope you find it useful. I know there’s a lot more to do and if you like to check out the sources and contact me!

Have fun