midiBrain 0.9.4 update 09|2012 (beta)

Here it is the first update of midiBrain to version 0.9.4. Get it here. The changes are not reflected in the manual curretnly,  but will follow soon. Read this post further to see screenshots and more details.

change log


  • midi-thru port added
  • sepperate midi metronome added
  • ‘mute by channel’ – unit added
  • new keywords added to the midiBrainUserKeys.txt
  • more states are saved to be recalled on next startup (like signature, sync-mode, metronome toggles etc.)
  • ‘delete channel’ is improved
  • ‘pollution’ of max window because of debug print outs gone

One Response to “midiBrain 0.9.4 update 09|2012 (beta)”

  1. It follows some screenshots w/ descriptions of the changes:

    setup -tab

    midi thru
    All events coming in at the selected ports of ‘midiIn’ : looper source 1, looper source 2, looper source 3 and midi clock source are straight forwarded to the midi out thru. It makes no difference if the midi in ports ports are ‘on’ or ‘off’. The ‘on’ and ‘off’ buttons of the midi in ports are only in respect of what is forwarded to the looper.

    Under the setup-tab a midi metronome can be configured for the ‘first’-beat and for the following ones, labeled with ‘rest’. The metronome has a sepperate midi out port as well.

    metronome toggles
    Both audio and midi metronome are now supported. The midi metronome plays the notes defined under the setup-tab, ‘midi metronome settings’ and midi out – metronome.

    midi control of TAP-tempo and transport start/stop (in the pic labelled w/ ‘click to start’
    The midiBrainUserKeys.txt supports new keywords to trigger transport start/stop and TAP-tempo. e.g.:
    TRANSPORT key 37 channel 1
    TAP_TEMPO key 38 channel 1
    Note that TAP-tempo is not scaling the time-stamps of already recorded events in the looper. Thus its good for syncing the transport prior to recordings.

    mute by channel unit
    The looped events can be muted/unmuted during playback based on the channel they are recorded on. Next to each channel’s number label is a light which flashes green if midi is send out to ‘looper out’ on the respective channel, this is good for keeping track of recorded events also. The mute-buttons can be triggered by midi by editing the midiBrainUserKeys.txt file. e.g.
    MUTE_CH_1 key 34 channel 1
    MUTE_CH_3 cc 73 channel 13
    The order of the keywords is arbitrary and only the needed mute-assignments can be defined.

    no worries porting the old midiBrainUserKeys.txt
    The keywords of the first midiBRain vers. (0.9.2) are still valid – just copy it in the folder of the update midiBRain0.9.4. I suggest to take first a look at the midiBrainUserKeys.txt included in the update to see the new keywords in usage.

    Hope it works as described above! Questions/Bug reports welcome! Have fun!

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