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midiBrain 0.9.4 update 09|2012 (beta)

Posted in music & project related on June 1, 2012 by systemexklusiv

Here it is the first update of midiBrain to version 0.9.4. Get it here. The changes are not reflected in the manual curretnly,  but will follow soon. Read this post further to see screenshots and more details.

change log


  • midi-thru port added
  • sepperate midi metronome added
  • ‘mute by channel’ – unit added
  • new keywords added to the midiBrainUserKeys.txt
  • more states are saved to be recalled on next startup (like signature, sync-mode, metronome toggles etc.)
  • ‘delete channel’ is improved
  • ‘pollution’ of max window because of debug print outs gone

midiBrain 0.9.2

Posted in midiBrain - free midi looper & performer - on June 1, 2012 by systemexklusiv

I have finished testing my program midiBrain. Its a PC application. After I played with it on some gigs and it was very cool to use  I decided to release it for free.  Click on the link right hand to get it. The manual is included. I’m very interested how it runs on your system and how you use it so please leave a comment. Enjoy!